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Green Ribbons

a creative public realm vision

for Parson Cross and Foxhill, Sheffield

A strategic project by the NOVA Creative Lab team (Antony Lyons and Scott Farlow)


July '09 update: The completed strategic vision document - GREEN RIBBONS -  is now available. Download here

August 2010 update: Initial designs are being developed for a follow-on design project in Parson Cross Park, and for the wider 'Green Ribbon' network. Follow this link

April 2011 update: First part of the Green Ribbons scheme for Parson Cross Park implemented - in the form of the planing of Elm trees at the gateways, to celebrate the local place-names (Elm Green, Elm Lane etc)

Apr 2011 update: Chaucer Square soft-landscape design scheme begins to take shape - adjacent to the new Learning Centre by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

Summer 2011 update: Parson Cross Park entrance designs implemented.



"The entrance markers at Parson Cross Park have come out really well - they're very striking and give a real sense of presence and lift to the park. Well done. It came together very nicely."

Jonathan Ulley, Place Portfolio, Sheffield City Council, 2012